THIS IS US exhibit captivates Hornsby MP and residents

Member for Hornsby and Minister for Energy & Environment, The Hon. Matt Kean MP, was captivated by the emotive art displayed at the third annual This is Us art exhibition at Hornsby Library.

“I knew I’d meet some amazing people, but I didn’t realise I’d meet some phenomenal artists. I’m so blown away with the remarkable talent of the artists in this room; it’s absolutely awe inspiring,” he said in opening the exhibition.

This is Us is the culmination of weekly Chill Art group activities as part of the Plus Social programs that actively foster social connections for people with psychosocial disabilities such as depression, anxiety and other long-term mental and complex health conditions.

This exhibition is a celebration of community and individual spirit. Every artwork tells a significant story – a story of triumph, however small – over someone’s health and mental health challenges.

PCCS CEO, Dr J.R. Baker, said: “We’re particularly proud of Plus Social as a program to support people with any sort of barriers in life, whether they be long-term health conditions, long-term injury or other things that get in the way.”

PCCS has released the results of our initial pilot with icare for the Plus Social for Injured Workers program and some of the highlights are:

  • Increases in quality of life, social life status, health satisfaction and psychosocial needs being met
  • A 50% increase in work readiness
  • A decrease in hospitalisations of over 50%
  • And a decrease of weekly contact with health services by nearly 50%.

“People felt more able to work, were happier, healthier and generally more connected as a result and we’re really proud of that,” says Dr Baker.

PCCS was thrilled to also have Hornsby Shire Council Mayor, Philip Ruddock, at the opening.

“This is a great event and I thank PCCS for their work in making those who are able to display their talents in this way comfortable in doing so and contributing in this very positive way,” Mr Ruddock said.

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